Since my college days, Paypal has been one of the dream companies to get in. I gave an interview attempt on-campus, but couldn’t get through it. Then I joined Zoho, Chennai as a software developer. After 2 years of working there, I got a sweet interview invite from Paypal. …

PS: a character in the series “Suits”. If you haven’t watched it, make sure you read the quotes appended here.

I know what a cocky, self-bragging brat he is. But hey come on, most of the people in the world deserve an intimidating guy like him.

It’s always about his confidence and the care he takes for his loved ones. He was even prepared to take a bullet for donna and mike. Throughout the series, his dedication, sound decision making, and of course his 10k dollar suit need no explanation.

For folks who haven’t watched the series “Suits”, these quotes said by Harvey himself, should suffice. But before that, don’t miss this freaking series.

Kollywood has always been a pioneer in portraying females as lead or holding gravity female roles.

Let’s start this list in chronological order.

Kalathur Kanamma (1959):

This movie released in 1960 was positively received and declared a hit. The name ‘Kannamma’ in the title is the female lead of the…

Image result for introverts image

Craziness or rather weirdness is what we, introverts are known for. Some of the crazy traits that an introvert can easily relate are,

  1. We don’t want the person to be online when we see his/her WhatsApp message.
  2. If we type the message or reply in Whatsapp, we’ll never expect them…

Giridharan Shanmugavel

Oracle certified Java Prof | SDE-2, Paypal

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